Rural Electrification Solution

Pestech Energy offers a single End-to-End solution which is completely locally customized, assembled, configured, & commissioned; tailored to your technical requirements and standards.

How does it work?

PESTECH Rural Electrification Solution

Advantages of the Solution:

  • Centauri is a singular, integrated, software and hardware platform. No additional hardware, software, switching, or monitoring solutions are required.
  • High efficiency, resilience and error free operation
  • Capacity can be increased with growing demand
  • Centauri has design life of 20 years while Sirius has projected calendar life of 45 years
  • No replacement or disposal cost
  • PV Plant is optimized because of the high round trip efficiently
  • Optimization of energy input sources
  • Centauri can deliver sequential or blended power from input sources (AC/ DC)
  • Diesel Replacement

Features of Solution in Containerized concept:

  • Easy and quick to implement (Containerized)
  • Scalable and mobile
  • Reliable with minimal lines of failure
  • Redundant system
  • Long design life
  • Economically feasible

Solution in Containerized Concept

Features of Centauri Energy Server:

  • Generation Source Connectivity
  • Plug-and-play connectivity to multiple DC or AC generation inputs (PV, storage, Fuel Cell, DG)
  • Accepts 5x – 6x rated capacity of renewable input without oversizing the system
  • Seamless switching between input sources without destabilizing the load (0.00ms)
  • Energy blending or sequential usage of input sources
  • Storage Connectivity
  • Plug-and-play connectivity to storage (does not require additional battery inverter for Sirius or Fuel Cell)
  • Handles renewable intermittency by switching seamlessly between renewable generation and storage
  • Charges storage during PV generation hours concurrently as it supplies the load
  • AC Output (Load)
  • Handles torque loads (1000% for 2s) allowing start-up of air-con, motors, compressors etc. without oversizing the system
  • Directly supplies the load from PV generation during generation hours (does not route through the battery)
  • Actively corrects power factor losses to 1 on the circuit caused by inductive and capacitive loads
  • Filters harmonics caused by the load
  • Standard Features Included
  • Communication including data logging, monitoring, and control features
  • Modular and scalable – power capacity can be increased by adding Servers in parallel
  • Safeties

Features of Sirius Energy Storage:

  • High DC to DC round-trip efficiency
  • No derating necessary for DOD, C-rate, temperature, capacity loss due to cycling1
  • Wide ambient operating temperature range
  • High C-rate capability without affecting cycle life or capacity
  • No risk of thermal runaway
  • No heat generation during cycling
  • Long cycle and calendar life2 and no memory effect3
  • Self-discharge – 2% or less per month when in sleep mode
  • Commercially acceptable form factor for low, medium or high voltage applications
  • Modular and scalable

Sirius Energy StorageEnergy StorageFeatures of Self Recharging Fuel Cell

No Fuel Diesel Replacement:

  • High efficiency: 8 kWh for 1 Nm³ of H2
  • No Theft: H2 cannot be used for traditional uses such as running cars.
  • 100% Green: the Fuel here is just H20 (Water)
  • Modular: Each component can be added to increase Production, Autonomy & Energy
  • Plug-and-play with no additional hardware or software
  • Integrated data logging, storage, and monitoring

Self-Recharging Fuel Cell

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