Pestech EV Charging Infrastructure

Pestech EV Charging Infrastructure

Overview of EV Charging Infrastructure & USP

  • The Pestech EV Charging Infrastructure Solution would take into consideration 2 distinct scenarios:
    1. Retrofit Application – If the location already has an existing EV Charger Device (eg. Wall socket or other charger), the solution will capture data from this charger and send it to our cloud platform (OCPP protocol)
    2. New Site Application – If the location has no existing EV Charger, then an end-to-end solution (EV Charger, communication & cloud platform) is offered


Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Key Benefits of the Solution:

  • Flexibility to integrate with EV Chargers (with OCPP) as well as provide end-to-end solution
  • Last Mile IoT Connectivity to provide a robust, scalable & adaptable communication backbone from the charging points to the cloud platform
  • EV Charging Platform has already been developed together with TNB X to provide End User with a Mobile App with integrated Mobile Payment (eg. E-wallet, online banking, credit card) as well as Management Portal to manage a database of EV Chargers from the various sites

Solution Architecture (i.e. through PLC technology)

The EV Charging Solution encompass 3 key aspects of installation:

  • EV Charging Points – whereby these points could represent a simple 3-point socket (slow charging) with a meter for control & management OR an EV Charger (with OCPP)
  • Communication – in order to send signal to activate & deactivate the charging process (eg. PLC, GPRS, et)
  • Mobile App & Portal – an easy- to-use Mobile App for End Users as well as Management

Portal [This has been developed in collaboration with TNB X]

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