Advanced Metering Infrastructure

AMI Diagram

One of the biggest challenges that Energy & Utility teams face today is deploying the right last-mile technology to facilitate free flow of 2-way data. Incumbent solutions are either technologically limited or too expensive for mass adoption.

Our AMI platform leverages innovative last-mile connectivity options such as PLC & Wireless protocols which allow smooth, non-disruptive installation and lower the cost of ownership. The key features include:

  • Scalability: Easily transform a pilot into a deployment without any change in design or architecture.
  • Flexibility: A rich set of REST APIs allows simple integration with other applications that can tap into the true power of data.
  • Advance Control: Manage and control devices on-demand, in asynchronous fashion.
  • Security: Implemented at all levels; cipher-based encryption with factory-installed certificates, 128-bit TLS web security.

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