VAS 12 Switchgear

Typical type tested ratings:

  • 12kV Rated Voltage
  • 630A / 1250A / 2000A Rated Current (higher ratings on request)
  • 25 / 31.5kA for 3 secs Short Time Current
  • 75kV Impulse Withstand Voltage (95kV on request)

It features:

  • Metalclad, rigid construction to withstand the electromechanical forces during a short-circuit or internal arc fault
  • Fully compartmentalized
  • Unique arc chamber design to diffuse and release high-pressure ionized gases during internal arc fault
  • Secure VCB compartment door with lockable handle
  • VCB employs embedded pole design for greater reliability
  • Easy busbar assembly for faster installation
  • Convenient access to panel compartments
  • Simple to maintain
  • Generous space for cabling
  • Easily extensible

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