Neutral Earthing Resistor (NER)

Neutral Earthing Resistor (NER)


RES Neutral Earthing Resistors from Pestech are widely used in the power utilities to protect generators and transformers against high earth fault currents.  Pestech’s Neutral Earthing Resistor has been fully type-tested to IEEE-32, by Kema and SIRIM.

Design & Construction

The Neutral Earthing Resistor is manufactured from stainless steel resistor elements connected together to achieve the required resistance values.  The resistor elements are mounted on insulated posts and the complete unit is housed in a galvanized steel enclosure. Stainless steel enclosures also available.

The IP23 enclosure is louvered all around for natural ventilation and is suitable for outdoor installation.  A single porcelain bushing at the top of the enclosure provides the neutral connection to the transformers.

A separate IP55 rated junction box houses the terminal blocks for connection of the isolator auxiliary contacts.


  • Stainless steel resistor elements
  • Galvanized Steel Enclosure provides long-lasting protection for the resistors
  • Type tested to international standards

Basic Neutral Earthing Resistor Ratings Available (Other ratings on request):

Voltage (kV) 11 33
Nominal Resistance (Ω) 4 – 16 12 – 50
Current (A) 400 – 1600

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