Disconnector Switch


The D-Switch from Pestech is an outdoor, maintenance-free, “double-break” isolator.  The isolator comes complete with manual or motorized operating drive, and can be used in both horizontal and vertical mountings.  It is commonly used in neutral grounding systems

Design & Construction

Three porcelain insulated posts on a galvanized steel base form the basic structure of the isolator.  The centre post acts as the main axle for the moving conductor.  Double bearings at the base of the centre post ensure smooth operation of the moving mechanism.  The two outer posts are the “fixed” contacts of the assembly.  A fully tinned, round-edge copper busbar forms the “moving” or “rotating” contact which makes with the “fixed jaws” on the two outer posts.  This provides the “double-break” feature of the isolator.

The fixed contact jaws are fabricated from cast aluminum alloy. Tinned copper contact clamps held together with stainless steel compression springs ensure sufficient pressure on the moving contact bar to withstand short-circuit currents.

For two (2) or more poles, an additional steel frame can be provided to hold the poles in place, with a common drive bar to operate the poles simultaneously.  The connecting rods from the main drive to the operating handle are adjustable in length to allow for final adjustments at site.

The design provides for robust and reliable isolation which has been fully type-tested to international standards.


  • Rigid Galvanized steel base
  • Tinned copper contact clamps with stainless compression springs
  • Molded aluminum alloy contact jaw
  • Type tested to IEC-62271-102 & IEC-60694 (ASTA Certified)

D-Switch Ratings:

MODEL DS-12-1600 DS-36-1600
Rated Voltage (kV) 12 36
5-s Rated Current (A) 1600 1600
Rated Short-time Current (kA/s) 25/3 31.5/3
Peak Withstand Current (kAp) 62.5 78.8
Rated 1-minute Power Freq Withstand Voltage (kV) – Wet 28 70
Rated 1-minute Power Freq Withstand Voltage (kV) – Dry 28 70
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (kV) 95 170
Applied Standard IEC 62271 – 102

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