Pestech myEVC Charger is Installed at Pestech HQ

To show Pestech’s commitment in driving the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Pestech has installed 1 unit of the in-house developed Electric Vehicle Charger, the myEVC Charger, at its headquarter.

The 7kW 32amps Charger is equipped with a built-in type 2 gun, capable of charging most modern Electric Vehicles currently available in the Malaysian market. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles that will be charged by this charger including BMW i8, BMW 330e, Volvo S90, etc.

The myEVC electric vehicle charger is connected to the Pestech Cloud Platform which enables it to be operated via the myEVC mobile app and monitored under data management portal. myEVC App is now available for download in Google Play or iOS App Store.

Operating the MyEVC Charger is relatively simple in steps.

To start charging:

  1. Plug in the charger to the car
  2. Scan the charging station QR code with myEVC App
  3. Input desired charge amount
  4. Start charging

Once charging is done:

  1. Check app notification for charging completion, or abort charging
  2. Unplug charger

Please check out the video below where our Consultant Dinesh talks about the charger that was installed in Putrajaya:



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