Pestech Energy Showcases AMI, Smart Streetlight and EV Charging Infrastructure during AUW 2019

The first ever Asian Utility Week held in KL saw many visitors including Conference Delegates, Speakers, VIPs and walk-in exhibition visitors dropped by the refreshing looking booth of Pestech Energy Sdn. Bhd. (Pestech). The exhibition happened over 3-4 September 2019 in the event halls of MITEC. While most of the exhibitors in MITEC hall 2 and 3 focused their efforts in showcasing Advance Metering Infrastructure, Pestech was showcasing more than just AMI.

Pestech Team Managing the Event

The Pestech booth built with the concept of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Solutions for Energy 4.0. While there are many solutions in the Pestech’s solutions portfolio, the event saw Pestech focusing their efforts in a few key areas of their Digitalisation Portfolio

  1. Advance Metering Infrastructure

Apart from having the overview of the Advance Metering Infrastructure available for download in the form of a PDF document, Pestech also showcased a project in Bali, Indonesia as a reference, where many isolated islands are now connected by smart meters and AMI, enabling smart billing management without needing the governing utility body having to send personnel to remote locations just to collect meter readings and billing communications.

Advance Metering Infrastructure Project in Bali

Advance Metering Infrastructure Project in Bali

  1. Smart Streetlights Management System

A smart streetlights management solution was shown to the visitors during the event. The solution which is connected to the Pestech Cloud platform, enables its managers to remotely monitor, analyze, control and troubleshoot hundreds or even thousands of streetlights from behind the comfort of an office desk, down to the detail of the performances of individual streetlights.

Pestech Lighting Management System

  1. EV Charging Infrastructure

Pestech’s EV Charging Infrastructure has slowly matured to its current state. Partnering with TNBX and have successfully launched myEVC mobile app with myEVC infrastructure in the basement parking of Menara TNB Jalan Timur, we have enabled TNBX to manage all the charging data base with a custom-built management portal. This system is well integrated with Pestech’s cloud based platform and could be tailored for different needs of any customers.

Pestech EV Charging Infrastructure

Pestech EV Charging Infrastructure

  1. Pestech myEVC Charger

Pestech has launched its very own myEVC Charger at the AUW 2019 event. With tremendous positive responses from all the visitors to our booth, we have introduced the features and the capabilities of the charger to hundreds of potential customers. Pestech myEVC charger is design to be easy to use once installed, connected to its own EV Charger Infrastructure management platform, it’s energy consumption is easy to monitor and manage, making it an ideal equipment to install in any location including indoor and outdoor car parks.

Pestech myEVC Charger

Pestech Energy myEVC Charger that is suitable to be installed at for any location

Please click here to find out the specs of the chargers currently available

Please scroll down to see other event pictures:

Pestech Energy Vind Sidhu (2nd from left) explaining Pestech Cloud Platform and Infrastructure to CEO of MAEVI Mr Izham Bin Ismail (1st from right) and MD of TNB Energy Services and Board of Director of MAEVI Dr. Ir. Ahmad Jaafar abd Hamid (2nd from right)

Chairman of Pestech International Berhad Mr Lim Ah Hock (2nd from left) pays a visit to Pestech Energy show booth at AUW 2019

Visitor showing interests in Pestech AMI

Sales Exec Sindhu Explaining Pestech myEVC Charger to visitors

Marketing Executive Wen Ying documenting the event

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