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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 13 February, 2020

The introduction of wireless communication technologies revolutionized the world. Without the fixed wire network, voice and data are now able to reach corners of the world where they could not before. The world of communication completely transformed, connecting billions and changed lives.

Electricity is a different story. Although electricity was discovered far before the invention of data transmission, long distance wireless transmission of electricity is still a far cry. Going wireless is not the answer when it comes to bringing electricity to a place where the grid could not reach.

Pestech Energy’s push towards rural electrification is built on years of experience and expertise in the area of medium voltage substation design and project execution. The rural electrification initiative banks on the development of renewable energy generation and storage.

Renewable energy is the key to rural electrification as it is available from anywhere. It mitigates the problem of long-distance energy transmission by dealing with how electricity is generated. Generation using renewable energy allows us to decouple electric connectivity from the grid. While public perception regards energy storage being the last piece of the puzzle, especially at scale, it is no longer the case as electronics technology to combine renewable generation, storage and usage are already a reality.

A recent patent granted by the US Patent office for “Energy Server” to Mr. Mr. Waseem Ashraf Qureshi of Kilowatt Labs, Inc., a principle partner of Pestech Energy’s Rural Electrification efforts, provides a view into the future. The Energy Server is a remarkable innovation that delivers the complex functionalities necessary to combine renewable generation, storage and usage.

According to Mr. Qureshi “Energy Server based renewable electricity systems are already providing electricity to communities, camps, remote sites in Sudan, Kenya, Malaysia, UAE, Pakistan and we have many new sites coming up in Somalia, Papua New Guinea and more in Pakistan Sudan and Kenya.” He added “we are delighted that the patent has been granted, but we are continuing our work to deliver electricity connectivity quickly, bringing communities to life and eliminating diesel”.

Energy Server based renewable electricity systems can quickly power remote, end-of-grid, rebuilds, new builds, anywhere, any size.

These systems will likely catalyze the speed with which electricity connectivity is needed to be achieved, allowing societies to leapfrog the need for cumbersome infrastructure.

Please click here to view the said patent

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