A Wake-up Call by Mother Earth

If controlling carbon footprint wasn’t a priority, it should be a priority now.

(23 September, Petaling Jaya) Every year Malaysians go through a month-long period of gray skies. It is always around the same time of every year hundreds of hotspots would be detected in our neighboring countries. The transboundary smokes from the open burning or forest fires, would follow the flow of the winds and reach the peninsular Malaysia.

Governments, corporations or even citizens would usually show little to no concerns with their policies or actions in preventing these situations until the eventual haze season become too much. The practice of open burning by plantation owners has long been an issue. An issue that has been discussed, dissed on an annual basis. Every year when the haze gets so bad there will always be a public outcry about having the wrong doers face their consequences.

There were never public convictions or punishments.

Dato’ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim said “Millions are affected, thousands of schools are closed. Millions have been spent by the common folk to buy some pills and (face) masks. And governments are not able to work together to resolve this,” when he was responding to questions at a dialogue on Thursday night (Sep 19) at the Milken Institute Asia Summit in Singapore.

While this problem has persisted for many years, it’s surprising that we do not still have a formal law to deal with the perpetrators of such open burning, where the corporations and plantations owners do not need to pay to put out the fire that happens on their lands.

While the haze of this scale is not something a regular citizen can do very much about, there are many smaller measures we as citizens can take to help reduce our carbon footprint. One of those is to respond to the calls of NGOs and governments alike to change the way we commute. Vehicles emissions are long known to be one of the biggest factors that are causing global warming. There are many ways in terms of transportation that could help such as using a more fuel-efficient vehicles, using cleaner fuels, or in the not very far future use electric vehicles as much as possible. While the source of power generation will still need to catch up with how they generate electricity, renewable energy generation and clean energy generation are already one of the biggest topics for any country’s utility sector.

Pestech Energy is a committed player in the energy 4.0 business. Not only we want to help with this transition in the market, we also want to help the utilities, governors and managers to set up infrastructures to gather usage data, making analysis possible for more effective management of power distribution.

Pestech has developed a cloud platform that is capable of interfacing with many Energy 4.0 applications. We aim to make energy monitoring and analysis more effective than ever. With very little restrictions in the type of sensors and data sources if they are not too old, we could help convert those signals using certified communication technologies to send them to our unique One Eco-Platform.

From there we could help users, owners, governors of energy assets to create user interfaces in the form of web-based management portal, smart phone applications to access the data collected, in the way that they want to utilize them.

One of the latest initiatives that we are promoting are to adopt the use of Electric Vehicles, it could be cars, buses, scooters, bikes or even any type of last mile transportation. These types of commuting devices would help our community to move to a cleaner way of commuting instead of using fuels that would contribute the carbon footprint.

With that in mind, we have presented our first myEVC Charger at the recent AUW 2019 event that was held in MITEC, Kuala Lumpur.

With this EV Charger we will do our best to work with property owners, utility owners, corporations, municipals or even the government to spread the coverage of the device, to enable to transition to EV in Malaysia easier.

If you are interested in collaboration in such a project or want to evaluate if this is feasible to be installed in the property that you live in, please reach out to us. We will be honored to provide free consultation and make it possible for you to have such a device available to the community.

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